Shambhala Meditation Group of Buffalo invites you consider this….


To be a student of meditation is to be a student

of life, a student of process (Ethan Nichtern).”

Our group is currently in the process of finding a sustainable solution for paying the rent each month. During the last eight years, we have offered meditation instruction and other Shambhala programs to hundreds of curious Buffalo residents. We have consistently hosted our Thursday Evening Group Meditation Open House and Second Sunday Morning Nyinthun. We took a huge leap one year ago and relocated from our modest sublease arrangement with the C.G. Jung Center on Franklin Street to our current location at 737 Delaware Avenue. Our spacious refuge has proven to be an uplifted and fertile place for practice. Rent is paid entirely through funds collected through weekly donations, program registration fees, and membership dues. We are now at risk of losing our ability to continue if we do not find additional sustainable support through membership.

What do we most value? What would we miss terribly if it went away? The practice of Shambhala Meditation means taking time for self-awareness, belonging, and connection. We value the community of like-minded others who wish to wake up to the journey of their lives. Looking ahead, we plan to offer guest speakers, social gatherings, more program in Meditation in Everyday Life, Learn to Meditate, Shambhala Training, Miksang Photography, and Contemplative Writing. Please consider how you might be able to support this intention.

We need twenty people to offer a $25 recurring monthly membership contribution. Monthly subscriptions are routinely paid for all kinds of experiences to enhance our lives–gyms, health clubs, television and music streaming services, yoga classes. A few fancy coffee drinks at Starbucks, Perks, or Spot each month can easily add up. The ways we spend our precious financial resources is personal and determines the shape of our life.

Membership takes just a few moments. Visit our website at and click on “Community” to find “Membership” page. Scroll down to “Providing Financial Support “ where you will find a link to “Fill out membership form online…”

A date in September will soon be determined for a New Member Ceremony and Celebration. New members will receive a pin, a book, and a certificate, but the actual benefits of practicing generosity are numerous and unique to each person—an adventure of another kind.

Many thanks for reading this!

Upcoming Meditation Sessions

Featured Programs in Buffalo

Learn More about Meditation, Further your Practice The following programs and classes will be offered at the Shambhala Meditation Group of Buffalo. While some classes have prerequisites, others are open to the public. You can also visit to search for programs being offered at other centers.

There are no programs at this time

Contemplative Arts : Miksang Photography

Shambhala is a Creative Community

Miksang is a Tibetan word that means “good eye.” A contemplative art, it is based directly on the Dharma Art teachings of the late meditation master, artist and scholar, Chögyam Trungpa, specifically by his teachings on the nature of perception. The “good” refers to our world, just as it is, is inherently rich and vivid. The “eye” reference is that in working with the practice of contemplative photography, we can tune into these qualities of our world.

Please visit our new website at for the latest local programs and updates or find us on Facebook . You can also visit the Miksang Society's main website at The Miksang Society for Contemplative Photography is centered in nearby Toronto!

Regional Programs

Programs for Great Lakes USA Region

Shambhala Center of Lexington

Council Meeting

March 27th—September 18th

Our bimonthly Council meeting wlll be held on this night. All are welcome to attend and observe the meeting. If you would like to suggest an item for the agenda, please email it to [email protected] Continue »

Shambhala Center of Madison

Joy in Every Day Life

with Lisa Cappelli

May 31st—June 28th

This class provides an introduction to the Buddhist concept of bodhicitta and the path of the bodhisattva. Continue »

Shambhala Center of Madison

Meditation In Everyday Life

with Bob Gillespie & Ron Wilcox

June 14th—July 19th

Shambhala Center of Lexington

Sadhana of Mahamudra

June 24th—August 21st

New Moon Sadhana of Mahamudra Continue »

Shambhala Meditation Center of Milwaukee

Shambhala Training, Level III: Warrior in the World

with Shastri Deborah Zarate & Sarah Osborne

June 30th—July 2nd

Developing the bravery to step outside our cocoons. Continue »

Shambhala Chicago

Learn to Meditate

July 1st

Ideal for beginners as well as students who want to work on stabilizing their meditation, this half day program gives you the essential techniques and reasons for meditation practice in everyday life. Continue »

Shambhala Meditation Center of Minneapolis

Introduction to Meditation

July 1st

Free introductory course, open to all. Offered the first Saturday of every month. Continue »

Shambhala Chicago

Way of Shambhala: Contentment in Everyday Life

with Alice Dan & Jill Spielfogel

July 1st—July 15th

Open to all. This 3 week course provides a further exploration of mindfulness meditation, along with foundational Buddhist teachings. Continue »

Hoosier Heartland Shambhala Meditation Group


with Fred Schwieg

July 7th—July 9th

Having experienced in Weekend 1 a taste of basic goodness, we want to go forward. Meditation practice allows us to observe how we create a cocoon of habits to mask our fear. We begin to appreciate that there is no fundamental obstacle to experiencing basi Continue »

What's New Here in Buffalo?

Find Out What 's New at the Shambhala Meditation Group of Buffalo take a look attour most current blog posts. Is there anything you would like to contribute? A book review, a poem? Let us know.

  • Cheer up: Meditation as an Ordinary Luxury

    There was a film a few years ago called Exit Through The Gift Shop. While sorting through a stack of magazines recently, I looked over an article about a luxury meditation center in New York designed to enter through a gift shop. This collision of wellness and materialism attempts to bring mindfulness together with retail … Continue 

  • Looking and Seeing: Introduction to Contemplative Photography

    with John McQuade and Ray Ball June 17-June 18 Shambhala Mississauga Don’t miss this rare opportunity to explore this innovative yet accessible practice! Learn to see the ordinary magic in your everyday world through Miksang photography, taught by experts John McQuade, a senior Shambhala teacher, and Ray Ball, a senior Zen practitioner. No photography experience … Continue