Why Attend A Meditation Group?

blog-picsI have attended the Buffalo Shambhala Thursday evening group meditation sessions for nearly ten years. While the practice of meditation is a personal experience that continues to unfold, joining with others can enhance the entire endeavor.

Join us at 7pm Thursday evenings at 737 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo.

The practice of Shamatha is also referred to as peaceful abiding. Unlike other meditation practices that instruct one to close the eyes, Shamatha is an open-eye practice. This form of meditation is not about getting somewhere–rather it is about waking up to being here.

While there are numerous books and programs that help to point the way, the practice of meditation is outside the realm of self-improvement.  Learn more about this as meditation teacher, Susan Piver, offers brief concise explanations and suggestions in her video series designed to encourage and support you in your practice.


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