How can you help? Glad you asked…

The Shambhala Meditation Group of Buffalo is seeking practitioners of all levels of experience to help with various aspects of the group.

We could use help with basic things like setting up for open house, flower arranging, tea service, or sprucing up the environment before a course.

If you have experience symbol blinds with accounting, organizational management, or anything that you think might be of benefit please let us know.

We are also planning to hold a training for individuals interested in the art of Greeter, Umdze (time keeping) and Padma (gate position) this summer.

We would also love to have written contributions to be featured right here in this area of the website. If you would like to write an article about your meditation experience, a review of a book or course you’ve recently experienced, or even a poem, artwork or photo that was inspired in some way by your practice.

Please note that these are all volunteer opportunities and that your generosity and willingness to be of service is a wonderful practice in and of itself.

Please contact us at buffaloshambhala (at) gmail (dot) com
for more information or to volunteer.

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