Learn To Meditate Class 10am to 1pm on Saturday July 8th

“Live your life as an experiment,” encouraged meditation master Chogyam Trungpa. Practicing meditation is a way to live your own experiment with intention and awareness.

I hear people say that they cannot sit still, their mind is too distracted to even attempt meditation. Anyone who is human experiences these obstacles, but learning a technique from a trained instructor offers a strong ground for beginning.

Consider a brief three-hour Learn to Meditate class with Steven Clookey and Trudy Stern on Saturday July 8, 2017  from 10am to 1pm.

There is still room for a few more Learn to Meditate participants, but please arrive by 9:30 to register (pay as you are able $10, $20, or $50). 737 Delaware Avenue, Suite 116, Buffalo NY. Someone will be at the door to let you in between 9:30 and 10am.

People often begin a practice with hope for greater calm and mental clarity, but the experiment of meditation practice often leads to all kind of surprises.

Shambhala teacher Ethan Nichtern commented in his book The Road Home:

“To become a student of meditation is to become a student of life, a student of process itself. In my experience, becoming a student of meditation leads to studying everything else—art, culture, politics, relationships—more fully. You establish a basic rhythm of being more process-oriented, and you are willing to stick with all processes more appreciatively, more patiently.”

The experiment of meditation practice becomes a journey of discovery. Once an individual becomes familiar with the tools for discovery, the world opens up into a large spacious field to enjoy and explore.

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