So Many Dharma Books So Little Time

fullsizerender109“To understand the context of the Awake-ist teachings in the twenty-first century, we have to recognize a very recent historical development: escape from society is now almost impossible,” writes Ethan Nichtern.

Just the other day, I was pondering the notion of “going off the grid,” but the actuality of that these days is slim.

The Road Home is ripe with juicy topics for conversation. Next month you are invited to explore this book with others using the author’s Study Guide. What is your personal experience of home? Consider the ideas of Awakism, Karma, and Goodness.

People talk about having no time to read–they feel too distracted to get through a book. We have become in the habit of skimming and scanning. Why is it that I often prefer a stack of imageful magazines? Still, there is nothing like becoming absorbed into the pages of an engaging book that raises questions and enhances understanding.

Sitting practice and dharma books go together. Find The Road Home at your favorite bookseller. Open the pages or ebook download and join us for the first three Monday evenings of November. Acquaint yourself with the author by listening to podcasts featuring Ethan Nichtern here at

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