Cheer up: Meditation as an Ordinary Luxury

There was a film a few years ago called Exit Through The Gift Shop. While sorting through a stack of magazines recently, I looked over an article about a luxury meditation center in New York designed to enter through a gift shop. This collision of wellness and materialism attempts to bring mindfulness together with retail in an environment that seems to emphasize inner experiences. Admission to a meditation session costs a little more than a movie or a yoga class. Patrons claim to enjoy the cavernous ambiance that offers stimulation of color, light, and perhaps a “sound bath,” as opposed to more traditional mindfulness centers that lack the special effects.

The practice of Shambhala Meditation encourages taking time for self-awareness, belonging, and connection—not an easy task in a culture that tends to demand a dedication to “object management” (Ethan Nichtern). There is no admission fee to practice meditation with Shambhala Meditation Group of Buffalo—all interested individuals are invited.

Those of us who regularly attend the group recognize this opportunity as a great luxury even without the shopping and glitz of the new age centers cropping up in large urban areas.  Our Buffalo location is a spacious and peaceful place that is a true refuge for practice. Along with this “luxury” is the responsibility of meeting a substantial monthly cost through voluntary contributions and monthly membership dues

“To be a student of meditation is to be a student of life, a student of process.” This statement by Shambhala teacher, Ethan Nichtern, points to the task of abiding with all the chaos and confusion of the world in a way that does not overwhelm. Rather than remove ourselves to shut out the unwanted noise, we can cultivate strong resources to reside within it. We can become more awake and clear-minded in order to preserve and nurture what we value.

Shambhala Meditation Group of Buffalo is located at 737 Delaware. Join us Thursday evenings at 7pm and visit our website to learn more about other available programs.  Help us maintain our process in this effort through your generous support…

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